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"A complex but rewarding strategy game, Ravenmark: Mercenaries will satisfy the strategy cravings of mobile Napoleons everywhere."

Pocket Gamer (Silver Award)

"Ravenmark: Mercenaries is the richest, most mechanically deep iOS game I'm aware of… There's a wonderful and unlimited experience to be had."

Touch Arcade

"There’s an excellent mixture of strategy and tactical elements here… It’s one of the deepest war games we’ve seen on the platform."


"Mercenaries… is very smartly made and successfully avoids becoming a pay-to-win game."


"It’s hard to stop playing Ravenmark: Mercenaries once you get started… and it’s almost certain to have you plotting strategies even when you’re away from your phone or tablet."


"Mercenaries deserves kudos for daring to focus on deep strategy games when most of its rivals in the mobile arena stick to “safe” action and casual categories."

Straits Times - Digital Life Editor's Choice Award